What will be the impact on schools post-Summit?

One of the major goals of the Compassion Summit is for schools to create Action Plans that they will implement in their schools. These could focus more directly within the school community or outreach to larger SDG challenges within the local community. As a result, compassionate action will become continuous and systematic within our cultures and school systems. This vision demands active engagement by all stakeholders.

How do schools select students to attend the Summit?

We hope to inspire compassionate action among our students. Therefore, there are several possibilities for student selection, including selecting from existing clubs and organizations such as Student Council and NHS/NJHS. Other schools are starting compassion clubs (Me to We) and selecting from within the club. Others are promoting the Summit across the school and selecting students via an application and/or interview process. We do hope schools will select students who have the desire to return from the Summit committed to implementing their Compassionate Action Plans in their schools.

Can students return who attended last year?

Yes, we welcome returning students. We welcome new students. We hope that returning students will share with us what they were able to accomplish in support of compassionate action.

Will the Summit repeat what was done the previous year?

Each year we aim to provide new experiences to attendees. We have had great success with popular return speakers such as Kathy Kelly and Jordan Hattar. However, we are also committed to inspiring new learning and priorities by bringing in speakers with different compassion lenses.

The 2019 Summit saw dramatic improvements to the schedule, and we will continue to refine the summit while keeping our core values at the heart of the experience.

We hope that returning students will provide leadership on their school team planning groups, attend a different workshop, and be re-inspired. Genuine compassionate action and working for change is tiring work. The Summit gives us a chance to connect with like-minded people and enjoy the energy they bring. The challenge is for the returning participant to engage at a new level.

How do schools promote the Summit to students?

Schools are promoting the Summit in various ways. Some are advertising broadly via their Advisory Program, others through their clubs and activities, and others through lunchtime awareness booths/activities. Students who have attended are also involved in spreading the word for this opportunity.

How can we involve our younger students?

The Summit welcomes students in grade 6 and above. Students at the Summit will be tasked with building Compassionate Action plans relevant to all levels of their school community. Some schools hope to host a schoolwide Summit for the younger children that allows them a similar experience.

Who are the workshop presenters.?

Teachers at participating schools and partners with the Compassion Summit community are invited to submit a proposal to run a workshop. This is a key feature of the event as students will choose to attend a themed workshop for 2 days with the same presenter (Institute) or a a combination of two different workshops. The goal of the workshops is to deepen understanding of compassion as action and examine the concept of compassionate leadership. Contact compassionsummit@gmail.com if you think you may be interested in giving a workshop. All ideas are welcome!

For additional information please contact us at compassionsummit@gmail.com